Who Are We?

We're a stable of broadcast veterans.  Radio and Television personalities, announcers, advertising salespersons and advertising copywriters.  We are people who worked for many years calling on retailers, learning first hand how to write copy, how to help plan special sales events, how to assist with the client's overall marketing efforts, how to satisfy the customer!

Our skills include writing for the ear - a rare talent in these days of television dominance - but essential for communicating by telephone.  Our background also includes a good dose of marketing.

Our recordings are made in a professional broadcast studio using broadcast quality microphones, audio control consoles and computer technology.


Who Writes The Scripts? 


We do. But we don't start writing until we've had a conversation with you to learn about your business.  All the scripts are customized for your business! Once the scripts are written, we'll fax them to you for your approval.

What's the big deal about copy?  Nothing.   It's not really a big deal.  It's just that most advertising copywriters write for the EYE - we write for the EAR.  It's an important skill...it's so important to the success of the effort that you want to be sure it's done well and it is our specialty, customized for you. 


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