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The Digital Audio Player (DAP) is a piece of equipment about the size of a cigar box which mounts on a wall near your phone system. 

The DAP receives audio from a digitally recorded CD, tape  cassette, remote modem download and MP3 digital flash card which, depending which system used "downloads" the audio to a computer chip/flash card.  The caller hears the audio played from the computer chip - digital.  There is never a gap or "silent period" in the audio program.

To change messages, regardless of the system you chose, it is easy to download into the player. 

Installation of the DAP is a snap.  In most cases your own staff can install the equipment in just a few minutes, and without outside help!   Some phone systems - especially older systems - may require a trained telephone technician, and they're easy to find.

There are several brands of digital equipment, each with its own set of features.  So naturally, the prices vary.  If you purchase outright, expect to pay in a range from $225 to $600 for a Digital Audio Player.  If you want advanced features such as remote loading, expect to pay much more.  If you choose a lease/purchase arrangement, the equipment and audio program costs are all wrapped up into one low monthly cost.



First, be aware that music costs money, but second - relax,  we take care of  the license "rights fee".

If you use background music at your business,  provided by a professional background music source, a part of the fee you pay for that music is a "rights fee".

And so it is with music which is used for USA On Hold.  There is a "rights fee".  But its built into the price.   It's fully licensed, and your rights fees are covered without effort on your part.



We design a package to fit the specific needs of each client, and your actual cost will depend upon the design of the package. Packages start on the average of a dollar per day.

Basic Package

One "generic" tape which can be used at any time and one new tape each calendar quarter.  Total of 5 tapes per year.

Premium Package

One "generic" tape and a new tape every two months. Total of 7 tapes per year.

Monthly Deluxe Package

One "generic" tape and a new tape each month. Recommended if you have a high repeat call volume. Total of 13 tapes per year.

Seasonal Specials

Special tapes are available for all holidays, or any of your company's special events

Lease To Own Plan

 Need both the equipment and the USA On Hold service in several locations?  You can have it for one low monthly package price.  Contact us for the details.

Radio Commercials

Don't forget our specialty. We also write and produce custom radio spots

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